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Gun Violence, Again.

April 9, 2018

I had a parent message me to say that her daughters had told her that if there was ever a shooting in our school like there was in Florida, they hoped that they would be near me because they knew I would do everything I could to protect them. At first, I had a great sense of pride and honor that they trusted me so much. Then, reality set in and I had a wave of sadness wash over me that our kids and grandkids were having to even think about such things. I don't want my granddaughters to worry a moment about some nut with a gun coming into their school. Unfortunately, this is the reality of our nation today. It must change.

I am a gun owner. I am not a hunter but I own weapons for two reasons: protection and just because I like shooting them. I consider my weapons as tools. Nothing more and nothing less.

When it comes to the issue of gun violence, as with many issues in our country, the loudest voices are from the looney right-wing gun owners who believe any restrictions on who can own weapons or how they can be...


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The Attractive Danger of Vaping

April 8, 2018

Vaping is promoted as a way to quit smoking but because of its unique design and delivery system it has spawned a new market for entertainment and social purposes. 

Vaping is a health hazard for the known ingredients included in its mix but is increasingly dangerous due to the illegal and unknown materials being used for reasons ranging from getting high to seeing how big a vape cloud one can make to simply wanting different colors of vape clouds.

However, it is not the mix content that is making it so difficult to stop the spread of vaping, it is the developing culture around it that is pushing its growth. 

A couple of years ago, I had a young man going through the probationary period on our fire department with a "Vape for Life" tattoo on his upper arm. As one might imagine, I found the sentiment behind the ink rather odd and questioned the motivation behind such a permanent display of devotion toward the product. His answers about a Vape Brotherhood sent me to Google where I found my own answers to this strange phenomenon. 

For those in society on the fringe of normal social interaction, there has always...


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Huntsville Fire Department second Swift Water Rescue April 26, 2017

April 26, 2017

This is the second rescue of the day for our department.

Following numerous Swift Water calls during flash flooding around Madison County, the Huntsville Fire Department Swift Water Rescue was dispatched to the report of people trapped by rising water with more rain coming. On scene, the team was able to remove three people and their canine from harm's way.

Huntsville firefighters who were part of the operation: Chief Kevin Shinn, Captain Ian Burnett, Captain Corey Burnett, Lieutenant Kristyn Shinn Clark, firefighters Darren Clark, Dean Holowatsch, Lucas Myer, Kevin Patrick and Joseph Bontrager.

We would like thank the valuable contributions of the Forum-Alabam Fire Department, Madison County Sheriff's Office, Madison County EMS and members of the Carroll County Rescue Team.

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Huntsville Fire Department first Swift Water Rescue April 26, 2017

April 26, 2017

The Huntsville Fire Department Swift Water Rescue Team was paged to an incident Wednesday morning with a mother and small child trapped in their vehicle due to rising flood waters.

HFD personnel made their way to the vehicle and extracted them in the rescue boat.

HFD personnel were: Chief Kevin Shinn, Captain Ian Burnett, Captain Corey Podoll, Lieutenant Kristyn Shinn Clark, firefighters Darren Clark, Justin Tucker, Dean Holowatsch, Lee Grady, Kevin Patrick and Joseph Bontrager.

1st Rescue of the day

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The Danger of Trump's Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

December 9, 2015

It is the kind of rhetoric that is being spewed by Donald Trump and the extreme right-wing in this nation that is more dangerous to the United States than anything ISIS or any other terrorist group can do to us. Trump's simplistic yet harmful call to ban members of an entire religion plays right into the goals of our enemies and makes the nation less safe not more so.

Many are pointing to President Carter’s ban on Iranians traveling into the United States during the Iranian Hostage Crisis as a defense for Trumps bigotry. There is a significant difference between placing pressure on a nation for its policies and holding a billion people responsible for the actions of thousands. Jimmy Carter is an excellent man and took actions during the Hostage Crisis designed to pressure a government. Ultimately it failed but it was directed at a specific target not an entire religion.

Trump and the extreme right-wing of this nation are playing to the most extreme fears of our people and in doing so are helping our enemies to achieve what they could never achieve against us on their own. And that is to get us to abandon out most...


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September 23, 2015

Home of Fools

April 18, 2015

The idiocy of right-wing presidential candidates is a threat to our great nation. When you have charlatans like Huckabee preaching against service in our military and traitors like Tom Cotton appealing to our enemies to not negotiate with our President and fanatics like Ted Cruz championing the use of armed rebellion to overturn election results, the Republican Party has become the home of every fool in the nation who would prefer living in a political system like Somalia"s instead of the one created by our Founding Fathers and fine-tuned over time into the greatest nation in history.

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Freedom of Cults

April 5, 2015

Cults are a touchy issue for a society that values freedom of religion. However, at some point the public interest in protecting vulnerable members of our society from unscrupulous charlatans posing under the banner of religion necessitates action. The situation with Catherine Grove is one of those times.

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GOP Hypocrisy

July 27, 2012

With millions of people in this nation in need of help, the modern GOP has decided that it is better for people to suffer now than for the federal government to step in and help. That would be bad enough but to then turn around and criticize the President for not getting enough accomplished when they are the reason nothing gets done is the height of hypocrisy. Unfortunately, so many Americans are ignorant of the issues that it may work for the GOP this election cycle.
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The GOP Horde of Despair

April 23, 2012

Once upon a time, in the land of milk and honey, there lived a precious little bunny named Annie. Annie loved to play with all of the other little furry creatures in the land and they loved to play with Annie. It was a tranquil land filled with love and hope and dreams. Then one day a horde of GOP appeared dark on the horizon and soon infested the whole land with cynicism and fear. The GOP seized ...little Annie and her furry pals and forced them to work as slave labor in their soul-depleting factories. Soon Annie’s fur began to fall out and her crippled little paws were unable to withstand the torture of the cruel labor and Annie curled up in the corner of her dirty, crusty little hut and died. Eventually the GOP had sucked the life out of all the happy little furry creatures of the land of milk and honey and were forced to move on to the next land over the horizon leaving behind them a dark and foreboding landscape as a testimony to their horrific policies.

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