Huntsville Fire Department Nostalgia

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HFD Photo Gallery

When I joined the fire department in 1985, it was one of the proudest moments in my life.  Over the years, with the support of Randy Shinn, Terry Long, and a host of others, I worked hard to transform us into an interior attack team.  I can only hope the next generation of HFD members love her as much as we did.

Lee Wall fire

Burnhouses are excellent forms of experience for a firefighter.

Eric Borges

Eric oblivious to the fire behind him as he is to much in life.


We took this picture just before Gary left for med school, in case he didn't make it back.  He did, sooner than expected.

Band of Brothers

Bonds formed as firefighters should never be broken.

AFA Rough Terrain & Mountain Rescue Class

This was my first of the three AFA classes.

Inman @ the Dimestore Cafe

Gary overcome by smoke and surrounded by all concerned.

Dimestore Cafe fire

Our department made a valiant stand to stop the spread of the fire to the rest of the square.

The Long and the Shinn of it.

High level discussion during a training fire.

Mike Layson

Mike couldn't let us have all of the fun.

Arkansas Fire Academy

Jimmy Dean Vaughan and I at the academy in 1985.

Dimestore Cafe Fire

In the less a few minutes, we were forced out of the store and into a defensive position.

Crossbow Fire

1986 learning experience.

Inman hits the deck

Gary praying to the fire gods.

Huntsville Fire Department 3920

2017 Swift Water Rescue

Huntsville firefighters Lt Kristyn Shinn Clark, Lucas Myer and Kevin Patrick conducting a water rescue of three people and their canine in April of 2017.