EAST @ Huntsville High School

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EAST at Huntsville High School

Here are the four basic principles of EAST at Huntsville High School

EAST® (Environmental and Spatial Technology) is an educational model focusing on student-driven service projects accomplished by using teamwork and cutting-edge technology. Students identify problems in their local communities and then use these tools to develop solutions, collaborating with civic and other groups in the process. The focus is not on the technology itself but on the unique learning environment of the EAST classroom, where students are responsible for creating their own project-based learning experience. Students are guided by an EAST facilitator (a teacher trained in the EAST process) who assists students in developing relationships in the community and providing opportunities for learning. This radically different approach to learning yields tremendous results. Students are better-prepared for both college and the business world, and they care more about learning and serving their communities.

EAST at Huntsville High School students are  actively engaged in projects using technologies such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, robotics, 3D Printing and GIS as well as softwares including ArcGIS, Inventor Professional, AutoCAD, Unity, Blender, Photoshop and others.

If you would like to help support the EAST at Huntsville High School program you may contribute here.

For more information contact Kevin Shinn at kshinn@1hsd.org. 

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EAST Night Out

EAST Night Out is a nation-wide EAST open house hosted in over 100 individual communities that have EAST programs. During EAST Night Out, EAST classrooms share with their school, community members, business leaders, media and families the power of student-driven, service-based, technology-infused education. The facilitator and students work together to showcase projects and share their EAST story.